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Understanding the Player Profiles

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Prep Rugby Watch wants our assessment to be as non-subjective as possible. This is the reason we have created and used player profiles to assess talent.

There will always be some subjectivity when assessing talent in rugby. My best player will be different than your best player because of our bias to how we think the game should be played, how we played it, our favorite player, who we cheer for, etc. Also, the game is a decision making game with no moment having one clearly defined outcome.

This profiles we created will give people a 'checklist' to follow when looking at players. It should also provide a guide for coaches on what to coach. It also keeps us honest when reviewing talent.

Is the profile comprehensive? No.

Is it the 'best' profile by position? No and it never will be. It changes yearly and keeps improving. It should always be a work in process with no completion date.

One question we've received is how we determined the player size rankings? The sizing grades are determined by taking the the roster information about height and weight from the most recent past Rugby World Cup. We feel this gives the best representation of tier 1 & 2 athletes for a data set to determine ideal height and weight for players. We also recognize that a 16 year old kid won't look like an international player. We do factor this into our assessments by providing a grading handicap dependent on the grade the player is in.

So take a look through our profiles and tell us what you think!

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