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Prep Rugby Watch: Evaluation Process & Grading Outline


Grading Outcomes


110-115- (5-star) Rare players

These players demonstrate their ability to take over a game with both their athletic abilities, intelligence, and skill. They also will have the physical frame that projects to be an immediate impact at the next level. They should also push for pathway or age-grade team recognition.


109-100- (4-star) Outstanding players

These players can demonstrate their ability to take over a game with one or two of the following attributes: athletic ability, intelligence, or skill. These players might be below an ideal physical readiness level that would allow them to contribute right away at the next level. These players could be celebrated as Freshmen of the Year at the next level or camp invites to pathway and age-grade programing.


99- 90- (3-star) Good players

These players demonstrate flashes of dominates, but not consistently. This will be even more evident if the players matches up against 4 or 5-star talent. They will be over-achievers and out play their lack of ability and/or size. Will contribute at the college level but only after 1-2 years of development.


89-80- (2-star) Solid players

These players are overmatched against the top players and are exposed against top competition. Will contribute as role players in 3-4 years after dedicated development.


Rating Guide & Grading Process


Players will be graded on a 1 to 5 rating. Rating guide as followed:

1- Well below average

2- Below average but trending towards average with development

3- Average, consistent but does not standout with measurables or performance

4- Good, better than average for measurables and consistently outperforms other in the specific area though struggles at times

5- Great, high-end of measurables and is one of the best in the specific area


The grading process will be either an in-person or video review of a player. Players are encouraged to submit a highlight reel and a full game footage. If a grading is done in person (ie at a tournament, game, camp, etc.) the player is required to submit both a highlight reel and full game footage for them to be promoted on our site.

A player’s overall grade will be determined by the average score from our expert scouts review. Grades can and should change once a year when a player re-submits their film and measurables.


Area of Evaluation





Body shape



Right hand pop (5m or less)

Left hand pop (5m or less)

Right hand long (5m or more)

Left hand long (5m or more)

Passing under pressure



Low pressure technique

High pressure technique

High ball technique




Point of contact control

Tackle Technique

Finish ability





Body position

Rugby IQ



Position mastery

Role understanding

Technique of role specifics

Specialty skill (kick/throw/scrum/scrumhalf pass/jump)

Ability to perform position specific role under pressure




Observable character

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