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5 Dark Horses in the Boys High School Top 100

Let's start this post by defining what we are considering a dark horse to be. A dark horse is a player who fits a player profile but may lack adequate film or the film edit could be better. These players also are the ones we hear an exciting tone about from our scouts and college coaches when we are following up on their submissions. Here are our 5 dark horses!

#31 Hudson Vroegth

Blue Plague Rugby, IA


Another interesting prospect. He has a big frame at 6'2'' 220lbs and is limited only playing 7s which doesn't compliment his incredible big man athleticism. Don't get us wrong, the kid is still dangerous in the 7s format but would be truly world-class in the XVs format. His highlight reel is great and you'll see what we mean when you watch it.

#40 Kimani Laumoli, Backrow

Gonzaga High School, MD


At 6'6'' 260lbs with a trim frame he is already an elite size at 18 years old. His film is short at only 1 minute but the athleticism on display makes you sit up and take notice. With him playing at a prestigious program it only adds to the intrigue.

#41 Brody Evans, Center

South Meck, NC


Only a sophomore Evans possesses a good skill set and appears to always have his head up to see the field. His kicking game and transfer speed are what separates him as a stand-out. His film can use an upgrade to highlight his talents. Again, he is only a sophomore so there is time to accomplish that.

#56 Juan Cruz Stanich, Flyhalf

Redondo Union High School, CA


The transplant student from Argentina brings 12 years of experience and champion experience from his time at Belgrano Athletic Club which is one of the most prestigious rugby teams in Argentina. He also has an elite profile for the position. He only submitted a 7s highlight reel which showcased his attacking talent but not much on defense. However, what you see in the film is a player who clearly understands the game and at times makes it look incredibly easier than it should be.

#79 Tiago Wiesenthal, Lock

Carlsbad Thunder, CA


There are things in American rugby that immediately set you apart from others. They are height and if you can play flyhalf. Tiago is an interesting prospect because he is 6'5'' which gives him elite height. His highlight reel is short but you see he can play rugby. More interestingly he has been noticed by Brazil and playing in their national team pathway.

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